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We are going to see greater emphasis on regulation in the payments space. Because – it’s important. Payments are the one sort of financial first services product that everybody needs, everybody wants and it has to work well.” 

Nilixa Devlukia

Payments Solved

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EPA Asia has created the Regulations Working Group to become the definitive source in Asia, leading payments regulations in an attempt to harmonise payment regulations across Asia Pacific. 

It is intended that the working group, in collaboration with the EPA membership, will reach an agreement on the priorities around payment regulations and to trial and deploy the latest technology to assist in monitoring regulatory updates. EPA Asia will run events and create meaningful content around Asia Pacific regulation to form a better understanding of how jurisdictions in Asia Pacific formulate regulations.  This group welcomes contact with regional payment regulators.

The Payment Regulations Working Group members consist of heads of policy, government affairs, compliance, legal, regulators, fintechs and payment business executives.

EPA Asia ordinary, scale-up, patron and benefactor members are all welcome to attend this group’s monthly meeting.

The EPA Asia Regulations Working Group has been created in response to the following problems:

  • Regulations and compliance requirements have become complex and burdensome.  It is increasingly difficult to manage payment regulations from a company perspective.

  • EPA Asia members often have limited resources available to monitor updates in regulations and regulatory enforcement.

  • Payment regulations are often fast moving, and EPA Asia members would like to be able to be involved in creating thought leadership around best practice in payments.

  • Asia Pacific is a fragmented region and as such, regional payment regulations can be defused.


All Members of EPA Asia are invited to apply to participate in the Regulations Working Group. For more information on joining the Regulations Working Group:

Working Group Members

Zennon Kapron

Asia Financial Technology Consulting and Research


Antony Morris

FinTech & Payments Specialist

Dr Brad Pragnell

Principal at 34 South 45 North

Melissa Keir, PMP

Founder and CEO at Corlytics


Mike O'Keeffe

Head of Sales, EMEA, General Manager

Sean Peterson

Vice President & Head of Government Affairs; Asia Pacific at American Express

Simone Joyce

CEO/Founder at Paypa Plane

John Ryan

Director General at Emerging Payments Association Asia

Steven Xavier Chen

Senior Director & Asia-Pacific Head, government Relations at Paypal

Amrita V. Nair

Government Affairs at PayPal

Anurag Vasisth, FIML

Founder & Mangeing Director at Allied Business Partners Pty Ltd

Thomas Hind

Capital Markets Industry Lead – Australia & New Zealand at DXC Technology

Abraham Teo

Regtech Product Leader at AxiomSL

Holly Dorber

Head od Government Relations – Australia at Paypal

Mailu Mizumoto

CEO & General Manager at eBay


Laura Hu

eBay – Head of Government Affairs, APAC

Sarah Wood

Director, Government Affairs – Australia & New Zealand at American Express

David Brown

Head of Payments, Finastra

Dom Braun

Managing Director APAC, Episode Six

Desmond Lim Ching Hau

Chief Compliance Officer & MLRO, eBay Commerce Singapore Private Limited

John Byrne

Founder and CEO, Corlytics Limited

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