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The Emerging Payments Association Asia is a thriving community of payments professionals whose goals are to strengthen and expand the payments industry to benefit all stakeholders.


EPAA Ambassadors are subject matter experts who are supporting the association and its membership base with their expert knowledge and experience from the payments industry.

“We make a difference in the payments industry. Emerging Payments Association Asia provides our members a unique collaboration platform for Asia Payments.”

Lance Blockley

MD The Initiatives Group

As an EPAA Ambassador, we entrust you with our brand.

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Dr Brad Pragnell

Principal, 34 South 45 North, Canada/AU

Expertise-Markets: Australia/NZ;Canada/US

Expertise-Areas of Interest: National Roadmaps/Policy/Regulation/Real Time Payments/Open Banking/CBDC

“For over 20 years, I’ve been deeply involved in the financial services industry providing leadership and delivering meaningful outcomes for member organizations, their stakeholders, and regulators.”

Antony Morris

Managing Director,Triniti; iSky Research, Hong Kong SAR

Expertise-Markets: Hong Kong, Asia, Global Trends

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Payment UX/Fintech Venture Building/Stored Value/E-cash/Wallets/Open API’s

“FinTech (before it was called that) Venture Builder with extensive experience in advising and leading retail payment, fare collection and financial services consumer behaviour transformation in Asia for 20 years including HSBC, Octopus, BBM Money and PayMe.”

Lance Blockley

Managing Director, Initiatives Group, Australia

Expertise-Markets: Australia,NZ, Asia Pacific

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Payments/Commercial Constructs/Pricing Economics/Cards/Market Strategies

“Experienced management consultant focused on financial services, and particularly payments (such as credit card, debit card, prepaid cards, electronic funds transfer, cash, etc).”

Fannette Hsin

EPA Asia, Ambassador, Hong Kong SAR

Expertise- Markets: Hong Kong, Asia, US

Expertise-Areas of Interest: RTGS/Payment Issues/Resolutions/CBDC

“Fannette is an EPAA Ambassador and the lead on our Cross Borader Payments project. She long carreer in Payments for HSBC, JPM, Santander and Standard Charted in Wholesale/Global Markets, Private Banking/ Retail Banking/Correspondent banking as well as trade finance. She lead the FX and Derivatives working group to produce the SWIFT Offshore Renminbi Best Practices when the Offshore CNY was first introduced.”

Zennon Kapron

Founder & Director, Kapronasia, Singapore

Expertise-Markets: India, Asia,Global Trends, Indonesia

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Fintech/Payments/CBDC/Open Banking/Digital Banking/Platforms Economy/Policy/Regulation

“Zennon Kapron is the Director of Kapronasia, one of Asia’s leading financial technology research and consulting firms. Prior to Kapronasia, Zennon was the Asia Pacific Financial Industry Manager and Global Banking Industry Manager for Intel.”

Nilixa Devlukia

Chair, Open Finance Association, UK

Expertise-Markets: UK and EU

Expertise- Areas of Interest: Payments/CBDC/Cryptoassets/Policy/Regulation/Cross Border Payments/Open Banking

“Working with industry, legislators and regulators to ensure the CBDC, crypto assets, open banking and payments ecosystems for financial services that are safe, inclusive and transparent for all users. Member of the EU PSMEG and ECB Digital Euro MAG.

Offering strategic advice on regulatory and policy issues; advising firms and business leaders on how the law, regulation and the decisions and approaches of governments and regulators can impact their strategies. Advising firms and regulators and advocating to governments on policy issues impacting all matters related to payments including CBDC, digital assets, innovation, the impact of fintech, firm authorisations, safeguarding, cross border services, financial inclusion and Open Banking. Providing seminars and training on financial services, CBDC and digital assets, cross border payments and payments legislation (PSD2/SEPA/Interchange Fee) and regulator and legislator consultations.”


Richard Reid

Experienced Executive, New Zealand

Expertise-Markets: NZ Australia,EMEA

Expertise- Areas of Interest: Fintech/Wealth/E-commerce/NZ Banking Eco-System/Cross Border Payments/Open Banking

“Experienced executive with a demonstrated history of working in the financial and technology industries both locally and internationally.”

Rajiv Madane

 Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific, Singapore

Expertise-Markets: Singapore,Asia

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Fintech/Digital Banking/Payments(Cards,Real time)/Open Banking/Open API’s/Platforms

“Rajiv a self driven, digital innovation and FinTech leader who has been involved in the Banking and FinTech ecosystem for over 30 years. He has held senior leadership positions with various multinational companies in USA, Europe and Asia Pacific. Rajiv has helped companies like FIS Global, Wipro, ACI Worldwide, Fiserv grow their business in Asia Pacific with innovative tech solutions for the banking industry. Rajiv was involved in the launch of the APIX platform by MAS (Monetary Authority of Singapore), IFC and ASEAN Bankers Association at the Singapore FinTech Festival 2018.”

Lars Sjögren

Senior Advisor,McKinsey & Company, Sweden

Expertise:Markets- Europe

Expertise- Areas of Interest: Payments/Fintech/Infrastracture/Crypto/Finance/Digital Banking

Leanne Bradley

Co-CEO & Principal,Suite2go, Australia

Expertise-Markets: Australia, Singapore

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Fintech/Crypto/Tokenisation/Mobile Apps/Loyalty and Rewards Linked to Payments/Data and Open Banking/Payments

“Connector and consultant that helps businesses realise their potential
Experienced financial services professional with a demonstrated history of working in the wealth, and investment management industry.”

Nikesh Lalchandani

Experienced Banker, Australia

Expertise-Markets: Australia, India, Asia, Global

Expertise- Areas of Interest: Fintech/Crypto/Fraud/Cybersecurity/Finance/Digital Banking

“Nikesh is an experienced banker, with a background in technology and finance, he has worked in payments and innovation for many years in fintechs, banks and startups. He has studied postgraduate information technology and finance, is a Chartered Banker and Senior Member of the Australian Computer Society, IEEE and Fellow of FINSIA. He is the author of the book “Payments and Banking in Australia: From coins to cryptocurrency”.

Raphael Jansa

General Manager, FAHK, Hong Kong SAR

Expertise-Markets: Hong Kong, Asia, Europe

Expertise-Areas of Interest: RTGS/Fintech/Swift/B2B/Cross-Border Payments

“Raphael serves as General Manager of the FinTech Association Hong Kong (FTAHK). In his role, he  is running the association and drives their agenda and executes its strategy. He is an experienced corporate and transaction banker by background, having held various senior roles over a 15 year span, including in the correspondent banking and clearing space, market and client intelligence and corporate treasury advisory,  having  working closely with FinTechs operating in the blockchain, payments, eCommerce, and fraud detection areas.  For years, he has been a speaker, contributor and thought advocate fin the ISO 20022 Migration space.

Raphael is a Certified Treasury Professional (CTP)  and holds a Bachelors and Masters Degree of European and Business Law from the University of Siegen in Germany.”

Natalie Shiori Fleming

Director & Head of Corporate Design Office, Infcurion, Japan

Expertise-Markets: Japan, Asia

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Fintech/Payments/Cross Border Payments/Regulation/Policy/Embedded Finance

“Natalie graduated from the University of British Columbia Faculty of Commerce in 2004 and started her career in the finance industry at Citibank, N.A. and Societe Generale Securities. She obtained her MBA from INSEAD in 2008. She served as International Business Section Manager at Rakuten Bank from 2011 to 2014. She joined Payoneer in 2015, where she was most recently Senior Director of Regulatory & Banking Relations, Asia Pacific at Payoneer, as well as Representative Director of Payoneer Japan Limited, leading APAC regulatory strategy and supporting the launch of new entities and services in Japan and across the APAC region. In 2015, she was a founding director of the Fintech Association of Japan and served as Representative Director & Vice Chairperson from 2017 to 2019. She joined Infcurion in November 2021 and was appointed as Director in 2022. As Head of the Corporate Design Office, she oversees HR and corporate communications strategy along with other key strategic initiatives.”

Monica Jasuja

Head of Money Management, GoTo Financial, Indonesia

Expertise-Markets: India, Asia, Global Trends,Indonesia

Expertise-Areas of Interest: Fintech/Payments/CBDC/Open Banking/Digital Banking/Platforms Economy/Policy/Regulation

“Monica has more than 20 years of job experience in four different continents. She is an expert in product management who places a strong emphasis on the needs of the consumer. She also possesses strong commercial and technological skills. She has successfully conceived, produced, and launched products that have had a significant global impact. She is a well-known thought leader, public speaker who has taken the stage at international fintech and product management conferences, and influential person worldwide.

With her strong team-building skills, she has had success heading numerous cross-functional groups, including Product Management, Business Development, UX Design and Experience, Engineering, Marketing, Legal, and Operations, for Fortune 500 organizations as well as up-and-coming start-ups.

She holds bachelor’s degrees in mathematics and computer science from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign.

She is passionate about promoting workplace diversity outside of the boardroom. She has raised support for a number of causes, including #WomenAtWork, #Girls4Tech, and STEM, with a focus on closing the gender gap in the workplace. She is a well-known online influencer who is listed in the 2022 Onalytica Top 50 Fintech Influencers List and is ranked #15 globally, #10 among Women in Finance Power 100, and #10 among the Fintech Finance GOLD Power List, which honors the top Fintech influencers globally. Besides being named one of the “Top 50 coolest women in Product” by Inc42, Monica has also been named one of the Top 3 Fintech Influencers in Asia and one of Yourstory’s 100 Digital Influencers of 2020.”

Alumni Ambassadors

Anurag Vasisth

Business Leader

The strategic business environment is challenging industries at an unprecedented pace. This lead to a need for dynamic, innovation and ethical business leadership more than ever,to consistently drive shareholder value, balanced with value to the customers
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