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There are various membership tiers which give organisations the option to choose how they connect to the APAC Payments Industry.

  1. Start-Up Membership
  2. Scale-Up Membership
  3. Premium Membership
  4. Patron Membership
  5. Benefactor Membership

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EPAA Start-Up Membership

Start-up is defined as an organisation that is less than 3 years old. Start-Up Membership is our membership level to provide access to EPAA for organisations who are still at start-up level. At EPAA we are aware that many payments start-ups will not only benefit themselves from access to EPAA, but also that EPAA will benefit from having access to the payments fintech ecosystem. 

EPAA Scale-Up Membership

This membership level is for organisations that are at scale-up mode. It is expected that the more mature payments organisations will choose this level as it provides additional opportunities for the members to influence the strategic direction of the EPAA. 

 EPAA Premium Membership

This level of membership provides access to EPAA@Home Networking events, Thought Leadership sponsorship opportunities, participation in working groups to deliver submissions and other projects and so much more. 

 EPAA Patron Membership

This level of membership provides access to all Premium Membership benefits as well as the opportunity to lead and influence a payments industry project or submission. 

 EPAA Benefactor Membership

This level of membership provides access to all Patron Membership benefits as well as a seat on the EPAA Advisory Board.