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“And I think for us, and for many others, digital identity is something of a foundational element in allowing that full transition into the digital economy.” 


Richard Lomas


Project Sponsors 


Digital Identity is a challenge for businesses to onboard and maintain the integrity of their clients.  This is particularly seen in the case of cross border digital identity which supports international payment movements.  This has impacted and prohibited the interoperability of domestic payment networks across borders.

The EPA Asia Digital Identity Project is one of the key projects that will have a significant impact on citizens lives both at the national level and across borders when a cross border Digital ID system is deployed.

The Digital Identity Working Group members consist of heads of policy, government affairs, compliance, legal, regulators, fintechs and payment business executives.


EPA Asia ordinary, scale-up, patron and benefactor members are all welcome to attend this group’s monthly meeting.

The EPA Asia Digital Identity Project scope will include:

  •  National Digital ID + Cross Border Digital ID. 

  •  It will explain the Digital ID projects done in other parts of the world 

  •  Digital ID project components will include:

    • Identity Proofing with eKYC, liveness detection and Biometrics 

    • User, Device and Location Authentication (multi-factor authentication)

    • Fraud detection (AML/CTF/PEP and other checks) 

    • It will also describe some of the work done by suppliers of these solutions and how an integrated approach (combining multiple vendors) could be a best-of-breed solution for a National Digital ID solution. 

The EPA Asia Digital Identity Project scope will cover:

  • Secure Centralized vs De-centralized Digital ID data storage 

  • Consideration about customer consent management for access to Digital ID data.

  • The Target Operating Model (TOM) key areas will cover the various broad aspects of rolling out a Digital ID project.

  •  TOM will include backup and recovery options, and ability to recover Digital ID data in the event of a national disaster 

  • Case studies looking at National Digital ID rollout 

  • Execution of the TOM and rollout plan

  • Cross border Digital ID rollout 

  • Use cases both for National as well as cross border access 

  • Provide a roadmap for continuous innovation using Digital ID 

  • Challenges and recommendations for National Digital ID as well as cross border rollout 

  • Suggestions on what could go wrong and possible recommendations for a successful launch

All Members of EPA Asia are invited to apply to participate in the Digital Identity Working Group. For more information on joining the Digital Identity Working Group:

Working Group Members

Rajiv Madane

Senior Vice President, Asia Pacific at Covr Security

Victoria Richardson

Chief Strategy Officer at AusPayNet

Richard Lomas

Senior Vice President, Government Affairs Asia Pacific at Citi

Chee Keong (CK) Leo, CAMS, CFE

Snr Consultant (Ptnr), Fraud, Risk & Financial Crime at FICO


Ian Sorbello

APAC Principal Solutions Architect at Transmit Security

Robert Allen

Entrepreneur in residence at eftpos Payments Australia

Desmond Lim Ching Hau

Chief Compliance Officer & MLRO

Mailu Mizumoto

CEO & General Manager at eBay

John Ryan

Director General at EPA Asia



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