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“Payments systems with a focus on interoperability, driven by data quality and the goal of straight through processing, reap the benefits of efficiency, provide platforms for innovation and they create environments that generally benefit, in the end, all parties involved, and in this case, involved in cross-border payments. That’s good for trade, good for senders and receivers of cross-border payments and good for our economies.”

Phillip Finnegan Project
Cross Border Mentor, Temenos

Project Sponsor


Cross-Border payment is one of the areas for opportunities for new developments and services to be offered outside the current standard money exchange and transfer route to offer end clients better rates and lower cost.  Cross-Border payment is also recognised as an area within the banking and payments area that is vital for connecting payment institutions to fintech and enabling greater innovation across the various currencies and countries.


There are also the challenges of fulfilling restricted currencies requirements across Asian countries and payments settlement risks across the time zones. The Pandemic Lockdown in 2020 has dramatically impacted Cross- Border trade, and the longer term lessons need to be learned.  For example retail and SME ecommerce have risen as a growing market. Digital currencies are increasingly being adopted as a way to solve for Cross-Border flows.


The Vision and Objectives of EPA Asia are uniquely aligned to assist in managing a project of this scale and the Cross-Border Project has been designed for this purpose.


The Cross-Border Project is aligned to the G20 2020 Cross-Border Payments Review. The roadmap from the work launched in Oct 2020 sets out a plan of action till 2025.


The EPA Asia Cross-Border Project, in collaboration with the EPA global network and other partners, is the collaboration platform for the private sector. 


The Cross-Border Working Group members consist of heads of policy, government affairs, compliance, legal, regulators, fintechs and payment business executives.


EPA Asia ordinary, scale-up, patron and benefactor members are all welcome to attend this group’s monthly meeting.


The Cross-Border Working Group scope will include:


  • Explore what Cross-Border priorities are for payments industry participants in Asia including what expectations these groups have for what Cross Border payments can achieve for them and for their Consumers/Customers.

  • Identify what progress has been made already in Asia with respect to Cross Border payments across various countries and banks, including what regulations and technical standards have been established.

  • Identify other key initiatives, Industry policies or regulations that will impact, or be impacted by Cross- Border payments (e.g. Virtual Banking, AML/CTF, supporting documentation/codes etc).

  • Recommend any findings on principles or suitable opportunities for effective and efficient Cross Border payments and potential standards to deliver desired consumer/industry outcomes.


All Members of EPA Asia are invited to apply to participate in the Cross- Border Working Group. For more information on joining the Cross -Border Working Group:

Working Group Members

Fannette Hsin (Project Director)

Ambassador at Emerging Payments Association Asia

Amrita V. Nair (Project Sponsor)

Government Affairs at PayPal


Dr Brad Pragnell

Principal at 34 South 45 North

Melissa Keir, PMP

VP, Global Expansion at Marqeta, Inc


Laura Hu

eBay – Head of Government Affairs, APAC

Mishal Ruparel

Regional GM, APAC

Thomas Hind

Capital Markets Industry Lead – Australia & New Zealand at DXC Technology

John Ryan

Director General at Emerging Payments Association Asia

Kenneth Leung

Director, Standards | Lead Standards Specialist


Mailu Mizumoto

CEO & General Manager at eBay

Lance Homer

Global Head of Digital Payments and Banking Ecosystem at Equinix

Stephen Peters

Director of Business Development at Clear2Pay

Tom Alaerts

Director, Compliance Market at SWIFT

Steven Xavier Chan

Senior Director & Asia-Pacific Head, Government Relations at PayPal

Todd Latham

Chief Growth Officer at Currencycloud

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