Payments War Room – COVID-19

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Payments War Room

The War Room Concept is what is required for Business Unusual

Crisis situations tend to present like dominos where one thing after another starts to go wrong.  Just like what we have seen in recent COVID-19 case.  This is when the normal style of management does not apply.  This is when the tempo needs to go at full speed, things need to change fast.  Being able to adopt to the size up and assess the situation is key.  Creating aligned outcomes is critical. 

Just as important as what they process is, so is who you have in the room.  Who are the event moderators, who are leading experts, and who is running the show.  This is why EPA Asia has partnered with Janellis.  In this way we are quickly and securely able to create the most effective environment and agenda.

EPA Asia has published a research paper with Janellis around the 7 step method of dealing with a crisis.

Within the war it is critical to analyse good data to make a factual assessment of the event.  Then to look at the scenarios from worst to best. 

The War Room is very much an outcome based process.  The outcome is quite often a decision to change and how that is to be communicated appropriately. But all of those in the War Room get to be part of the process in a meaningful way, and that event experience can be repeated again in the next stage of the crisis.