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“Open banking takes time to mature…

The number of payments using open banking [in the UK] have grown from just over 300 000 in 2018 to over 3 million in 2020.

As we move to digital, and as open banking or open data starts to mature, in some parts of the Asian region, you’re likely to witness a similar pattern and starting this year.”  

Andy White

EPAA Advisory Board Member, The Year Ahead – 2021


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Open Banking in Asia is emerging as a topic that can really change the consumer experience in terms of how they access their data and access services such as payments. 


The payments industry in Asia can learn from other global markets, but the opportunity is also for Asia to be the master of its own destiny.


The EPA Asia Open Banking Working Group, in partnership with Asia Pacific Financial Forum (APFF), have conducted regional research on Open Banking across Asia. Our research consisted of fundamental market research, a regional survey (targeted at payment professionals), and the creation of a Supplier Directory of firms involved in Open Banking.

The Open Banking Working Group members consist of heads of policy, government affairs, compliance, legal, regulators, fintechs and payment business executives.


EPA Asia ordinary, scale-up, patron and benefactor members are all welcome to attend this group’s monthly meeting.

All Members of EPA Asia are invited to apply to participate in the Open Banking Working Group. For more information on joining the Open Banking Working Group:

Working Group Members

Anurag Vasisth, FIML

Founder & Mangeing Director at
Allied Business Partners Pty Ltd


Jonathan Ryan

Country Manager @ OpenMarket
Australia & New Zealand.

Steven Chan

Asia-Pacific Head, Government
Relations & Public Policy at PayPal

Dr. Brad Pragnell

Principal at 34 South 45 North

Karl Mohan

General manager at Nium

Ken Koh

Consultant at AlphaZetta

Julius Caesar Parreñas

Senior Advisor, Daiwa Institute of Research at Daiwa Securities Group

Kristofer Rogers

General Manager ANZ @ Mambu

Richard Reid

Partnerships & business development at Chelmer

Marie Steinhaler

VP of Product – Data Products at

John Ryan

Director General at Emerging
Payments Association Asia

Shane Prince SC

Senior Counsel at State Chambers

Tom Alaerts

Director, Compliance Market at

Richard Lomas

Senior Vice President, Government
Affairs Asia Pacific at Citi

Ivy K. Lau

Global Public Policy and Research

 Manager at PayPal


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