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Open Banking in Asia is emerging as a topic that can really change the consumer experience in terms of how they access their data and access service such as payments. The payments industry in Asia can learn from other global markets, but the opportunity is also for Asia to be the master of its own destiny. The Emerging Payments Association (EPA) Asia members in partnership with Asia Pacific Financial Forum (APFF) have conducted regional research on Open Banking across Asia. Our research consists of fundamental market research, a regional survey (targeted at payment professionals), and also a supplier directory of firms involved in Open Banking. To learn more, use the links to download the final report and also to access the supplier directory. Download Open Banking Asia Report Supplier and Service Directory

Research with

PAYPAL The following firms have also backed the open banking report
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Meet the Project Team

Anurag Vasisth
Project Committee Emerging Payments Association Asia
Jonathan Ryan
Project Committee​ Emerging Payments Association Asia
Karl Mohan
Project Committee​ Wirecard
Ken Koh
Project Committee​ RightQuestions
Richard Lomas
Project Committee​ Citigroup
Richard Reid
Project Committee​ Emerging Payments Association Asia
Steven Chan
Project Committee​ PayPal
Kristofer Rogers
Project Committee​ Split Payments
Julius Caesar Parrenas
Project Committee​ APFF
Dr. Brad Pragnell
Project contributor Emerging Payments Asia
Shane Prince SC
Project contributor Emerging Payments Asia
John Ryan
Project contributor Emerging Payments Association Asia
Marie Steinhaler
Project contributor Truelayer
Ivy Lau
Project Contributor PayPal
Amrita V. Nair
Project Contributor PayPal
Tom Alaerts
Project Contributor SWIFT
Masters of Management
Project contributor CEMS program students