Meet-Her – She Knows Payments

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Most diversity initiatives are about helping women climb the corporate ladder and further their career but few are assisting women to become thought leaders.  EPA Asia believes it is better to help them to be heard on an equal footing to express their contribution to the subject in hand.
EPA Asia launched an event series in February 2020 to bring women in the payments industry together and talk about one topic to connect them to collaborate but essentially also for EPA Asia go grown our female network.
Project Meet-Her can be compared to the “Ask Her More” initiative in the celebrity world, where famous women like Reese Witherspoon and Shonda Rhimes are demanding the chance to talk about other things outside of what’s clothes they are wearing. The “Meet-Her” project is an all-female participation project to connect women with EPA Asia, and to collaborate with a strong voice, around the message – She knows Payments.
EPA Asia’s objective with this project is that in the future we will see equal numbers of women and men around the decision table, at executive events, boards meetings and panel discussions in the payments industry.  They will be there because their voice matters to get a better outcome.
At initiation, the project was designed as a face to face meeting and the first event (lunch) which was sponsored by DXC and covered the topic of Open Banking. It was a success and EPA Asia got several requests from women asking to be involved in the project in the future. With the COVE-19 putting a stop in-person event, the initiative came to a sudden halt.
In challenging times, we need to adapt and do the best of the situation but when it comes to Project Meet-Her we didn’t not just adopt we developed and created something much more exciting than the projects initial scope. Project Meet-Her (She knows Payments) is now a series of web meeting covering a broad area of topics which are impacting and which are shaping how the industry will look tomorrow. The project will involve more than 100 female thought leaders across Asia, twelve companies will sponsor the project, we will meet twelve women in a video series talking about their legacy to the payments industry and all this will be capture in the world’s first a Book – Meet-Her – She knows Payments.
During twelve 90 minutes, video-calls EPA Asia will bring together groups of female thought-leaders to discuss what aspects of the domain in focus that are crucial to approach as a region. We will concentrate on a few areas of challenges and how a common approach and knowledge sharing can assist the market in overcoming hurdles.
Please get involved either as a delegate, sponsor or supporter.

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