Meet-Her She Knows Payments – Rewards and Loyalty

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5 May 2021 

Consumers are looking for a significant value exchange when they choose to be loyal to a brand, what they are rewarded with after a purchase and what the brand can continue to offer them, is significant in the decision-making process.

Recently we ran the 10th roundtable of the Meet-Her She Knows Payments Project!

It was on the topic of “Rewards and Loyalty,” moderated by Leanne Bradley, with Jill Goldworn as our expert presenter.

We discussed whether convenience is the new currency of loyalty and the key takeaways are:
1.    The pandemic has shifted consumer experience and mindset towards digital & contactless and the consumer has learned to value convenience.
2.    The best reward is immediate and meaningful; additionally consumers want a personal and tailored experience that acknowledges their habits and preferences.
3.    Technology allows brands to provide a comprehensive digital experience harnessing data and customers will reward a brand with loyalty if the data is then used in the right way.

Speaking on the future of rewards and loyalty; Jill Goldworn says: “If a brand doesn’t continually modify and enhance benefits, people will stop using it…Brands need to keep evolving and augmenting the program.”