Is Payments BIGGER than Banking?

by | May 28, 2021 | Newsletter | 0 comments

“Is Payments bigger than Banking?” was the topic explored at Emerging Payments Association Asia (EPAA) Executive Roundtable and Fireside chat event, May 6th Sydney.  This Mambu backed event theme generated a lively discussion that carried through to the Fireside Chat. 

It’s hard for the banks to ignore the noise that fintech is generating.  Not only is fintech innovating around every aspect of the existing banks technology base, but they are also growing significantly faster in value.     

The themes covered in this roundtable was echoed to some extent in a simultaneous event run by EPAA looking what is holding back corporates from adopting real time payments.  The outcome indicated a need for greater understanding and education as to how to leverage the opportunities presented.  In a world where consumers are not only gaining access to real time payments but also a raft of new related apps, it is perhaps time for all corporates to consider the payments opportunity. 

It was fantastic to have live people back in the room, and EPAA looks forward to hosting similar events in Singapore and Hong Kong as soon as possible.