Introducing new EPAA member Mambu – the market leading cloud banking platform

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Mambu is a Software-as-a-Service (SaaS), cloud-native banking platform – in fact, the only banking platform on the market to operate exclusively in the cloud.

Launched in Berlin 10 years ago, Mambu has since scaled significantly to the point where it now operates globally, working with customers in more than 65 countries – with over 180 deployments to date (and counting). Mambu opened its APAC head office in Singapore in 2016, and an office in Sydney in 2019.


The organisation achieved ‘unicorn’ status in January 2021 – with a valuation of €1.7B – after its most recent investment round raised €110m. With this fresh cash injection, Mambu is poised for a rapid period of growth worldwide.


Across Asia Pacific, Mambu has its sights set on working with customers that are looking to change the status quo and who are ready to make a tangible difference to the world of banking and financial services.


Mambu exists to empower its customers – be they neobanks, legacy banks, financial institutions, fintechs or telcos – to deliver great modern banking experiences to people all around the world, especially the millions of people who are currently excluded from traditional financial services. This is particularly relevant across Asia Pacific, where the World Bank estimates there are one billion people who do not have access to formal financial services. Central to Mambu’s mission is a goal to enhance financial inclusion for those people currently excluded, through the use of innovative cloud technology that is faster, more agile and more cost effective than traditional banking technology.


Interacting with banking has rarely been a great experience. The process has been cumbersome, often manual, with ambiguous products and services that are not tailored to individual needs. Technology has a big role to play in making banking better, and Mambu aims to provide a platform for anyone who wants to improve the banking experience. Mambu works across a range of domains from personal lending, business lending, mortgages, trade finance, digital wallets, current accounts and many more and will continue to expand to be able to service any financial services experience that can or will be built anywhere in the world.


If you’re interested in finding out how Mambu can help your business to join the digital banking revolution, please get in touch with Mambu’s General Manager ANZ, Kristofer Rogers at


For more information, please visit Mambu’s website or connect on Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and​ ​Facebook.