In Focus – CyberSecurity Roundtable

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“Cyber is not just an IT problem – it is a business problem” Louis Abdilla (Secure Forte)



EPA Asia hosted international leaders to discuss the challenges and opportunities around cybersecurity earlier this month, and there were a few key takeaways:

  • Cybersecurity is an overriding concern in all aspects of Payments: Open Banking, Cross Border Payments, Digital Currency or Digital ID – all of the projects being conducted by EPA Asia are affected.
  • There is a lack of police interest or response to domestic or cross border cyber fraud. It is an issue that lacks focus by government.
  • Barriers to adoption: 
    • Business not understanding a need for protection
    • Lack of understanding of the tools available
  • Any organisation is only as strong as the weakest entry point of that organisation

“Until you are hit, you’re not interested”


We see a continuing growing interest in Cyber Security and Fraud and the In Focus series will continue through 2021 with the next event to be announced shortly.


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