About the Emerging Payments Association

The EPA Asia’s vision is to facilitate for the region to become the centre of innovation for the emerging payment industry. Payment Solutions in Asia is already advanced, but lack of harmonization and standardisation has introduced technical and regulatory hurdles slowing down the projection to excellence. EPA Asia represents a unified voice for our members in the work towards a stronger and coordinated industry.

EPA is an international association with more than 200 members from across the payments value chain; including payments schemes, banks and issuers, merchant acquirers, PSPs, retailers, and more. Companies join our association in order to collaborate and speak with a unified voice. We benefit by leveraging from progress made in other global regions outside of Asia.


EPA Asia is the leading pan-Asian independent trade association for the payments industry. 

Collaborate to innovate

We run more than 30 events annually and projects are running simultaneously focusing on specific opportunities and challenges in the payments industry. As a member you can make an impact on what EPA Asia is focusing on and how we act on relevant issues.

Use this opportunity to become a members of EPA Asia and be an important Influencer in setting the agenda for Emerging Payments in Asia.


Why choose us

To become part of Asia-wide collaboration in payments.

Our mission

To collaborate to innovate and to be a unified voice for the payments industry. 

Our vision

To improve the lives of everyone through payments.